Drink your way through the local bars and breweries in Gainesville

  1. Cypress & Grove Brewery

Cypress and Grove is a hidden gem nestled in the historic Gainesville Ice House! This brewery offers an on-tap selection of seltzers and kombucha, providing an alternative for those seeking a lighter drink. Additionally, their dedication to crafting their own beer is key, an array from crisp ales to rich stouts and porters. Furthermore, for the hop enthusiasts, their selection of IPAs promises a flavorful experience. Step into Gainesville while enjoying handcrafted brews at Cypress and Grove Brewery – where tradition meets innovation in every sip.

  1. Swamp Head Brewery

Swamp Head Brewery is a celebrated spot in the city’s craft beer landscape. With a focus on creating locally inspired brews, they have become a destination for those seeking a taste of the region. Additionally, the brewery’s commitment to using high-quality, sustainable ingredients is evident in each crafted drink. Visitors can enjoy a lineup of beers, ranging from refreshing ales to flavorful stouts, all within a laid-back environment. Known not only for its beer, but also for its community engagement and environmentally conscious practices, they exemplify the spirit of Gainesville’s craft beer culture.

  1. Lillian’s Music Store
Historic Downtown Gainesville, Florida - All Around the Bend

Step into a timeless establishment with Lillian’s, a locally operated bar that holds the title of the oldest in North Central Florida. Firstly, this venue, immortalized in a Tom Petty song called “Dreamville,” served as a muse for the artist. In addition, who not only mentioned Lillian’s in his lyrics but also frequented the spot to purchase sheet music and guitar strings. Beyond its musical history, Lillian’s offers an eclectic experience with karaoke nights and cover bands that keep the atmosphere alive. Over the years, this spot has attracted visitors, such as, Jimmy Buffett, Robin Williams, Woody Harrelson, and many more. Immerse yourself in the culture and tales that have unfolded within the walls of Lillian’s, where great drinks and entertainment await.

  1. Bragging Rights
Gainesville Arcade - Bragging Rights Amusements

Embark on a nostalgic journey at Bragging Rights, where the thrill of classic and modern arcade games come together for an experience like no other. With hundreds of games set up for unlimited play, this arcade is a haven for gaming enthusiasts. Yet, the fun doesn’t stop there – quench your thirst at the bar offering drinks, from beer and wine to seltzers, slushies, and more. The adventure continues with the guest food truck, Coco’s Ramen & Tacos. They are serving up made-to-order delights from Wednesday to Sunday, alongside piping hot pizza available every day. Whether you’re seeking a day out with friends or a family hangout, this is the spot for a day of endless entertainment.

  1. Crybaby’s & Baby J’s 
Baby Js — Chinotto House

Discover the vibrant duo of Baby J’s and Crybaby’s, both owned by the group that brings you the brunch spot, Afternoon. Baby J’s sets itself apart with its alternative ambiance, offering a creative drink menu and a vinyl record playing to curate a groovy vibe. The cocktails are works of art, curated by staff with every detail considered, down to the customized matchboxes on the tables. Alternatively, Crybaby’s adds its own flavor to Gainesville’s nightlife scene. Crybaby’s is known for its great happy hour deals, featuring $7 drinks and $3 fries. Both establishments promise a delightful experience, blending diverse appetizers and cocktails that are as artistic as the interiors themselves. From unique eats, crafted cocktails, and an array of beers, this duo offer plenty of options for an unforgettable night. Explore the dynamic and distinctive atmospheres of these two local favorites for a taste of the alternative side of Gainesville.

  1. Palomino Pool Hall
Palomino Pool Hall, 19 SE 2nd Pl, Gainesville, FL, Billiard Parlors - MapQuest

Dive into the ultimate hangout spot at Palomino, where the good times flow as freely as the pool cues. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are free pool from open to close, while Thursdays bring the excitement of an in-house pool league. With a full bar, space for hanging out, a photobooth, and a stage that comes alive with DJs and live music, Palomino is a multifaceted destination. Connected to The Backyard bar & venue and Boca Fiesta restaurant, Palomino extends its charm into a network of entertainment. Boasting a well-stocked, full liquor bar, they take pride in their ability to cater to diverse tastes. Non-alcoholic options abound, including NA beers, craft sodas, local cold-brew coffee, ginger beer, coke products, juices, and more. Palomino Pool Hall is not just a destination; it’s an experience, promising something for everyone to savor and enjoy.

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