New payment portal accelerates transaction management efficiency

Dated: January 17 2023

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New payment portal accelerates transaction management efficiency

While it may be true that no two real estate deals are the same, that doesn't mean that each transaction process should be inconsistent and confusing. For Bosshardt Realty, there's a proper way to keep transaction management clear and consistent for their agents and homebuyers.

JANUARY 17, 2023

As Bosshardt Realty Services celebrates its 35th anniversary, the company continues to stand out by finding new ways to innovate and improve the real estate experience for their clients. One of the latest tools they have adopted is Earnnest's Branded Payment Portal, which enables real estate businesses to collect earnest money deposits directly on their website using a custom payment link.

The LeadingRE-member brokerage has 5 locations and over 100 agents who are known for their highly comprehensive real estate services throughout North Central Florida. Todd Loeffer, President of Bosshardt Realty, has over 25 years of experience selling real estate. From his long-standing career as a top-performing agent to moving into a management role for the brokerage, Todd understands the need for creating relationships with homebuyers without compromising on top-notch service. According to Todd, the decision to implement Earnnest into their escrow-holding brokerage workflow was an easy one. “We hold our own escrow because we find it to be highly valuable for our clients. Earnnest helps us give them peace of mind that their money is protected," he said.

"There are way less people involved in the transaction. If I can make things easier on the back end, it’s so much easier on the front end for everyone—that’s the goal."

For Todd, consistency is key.

"No two real estate deals are the same, but when it comes to managing transactions, it’s smarter to keep processes as consistent as possible," he said. "Earnnest gives us the tools to do that."

Bosshardt’s customized payment portal has taken the time-consuming system of collecting earnest deposits via check or wire off of their agents’ plates—creating a simple solution for a grueling task. Todd explained, “The transition has been extremely smooth for us.”

"There was no learning curve for our agents and clients using the portal. Just a few clicks and it’s done," Loeffler said.

Todd is confident that the company has experienced an increase in organizational efficiency for their teams and consistent, easy transactions for both agents is commitment to innovation by adopting payment technology that performs alongside their top-producing agents.


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Todd Loeffler

Todd Loeffler has been a top-producing real estate agent since 1997 and is the current President of Bosshardt Realty, a full-service independent brokerage with principal offices in Gainesville, Florid....

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New payment portal accelerates transaction management efficiency

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